Tools: RedQube AB aiuta i daltonici

Riceviamo il seguente comunicato da RedQube AB, relativo ad una applicazione per iPhone che reputiamo utile per i daltonici. Visto il costo molto contenuto, ne diamo notizia anche se lo scopo di “Come vedono i daltonici” è non commerciale. Il comunicato è in lingua inglese e può essere letto in italiano usando la funzione di traduzione in alto a destra.

Revolutionary tool for the color blind
Swedish company RedQube AB today released its iPhone app Eye Calculus.
Are you part of the 8% male population that has trouble seeing certain colors? Then maybe
Eye Calculus can be a tool for you. The application helps people with color vision deficiencies. Addressing both the more common problems with some colors easily being mistaken for others and those who are completely colorblind.

I developed the application for some friends with impaired color vision, but then added other features in the hope that it would help more people with similar problems, says Jon Reveman, CEO of RedQube.

All viewing modes are in real time, i.e. you see an augmented view of what the phone looks at. Examples of functions are:

– Name the color
– Modify the image
– Magnify

“Name the color ‘, provides the name of what you point at. Something that many find difficult. To ensure precision newer phones can use the built-in lamp. Since it is sometimes important to know the base color, rather than whether it is “midnight blue” or “royal blue”, you may select the number of colors that the application should search for.

“Modify the image”, can both alter the image based on the specific vision deficiency you suffer from or highlight a specific color. In the latter case the app presents the picture in black and white while the selected color flashes in the picture. This enables a colorblind person to sweep over an area while searching for e.g. a blue object.

“Magnify”. The last feature acts as an intelligent magnifying glass. In addition to normal
magnification, it may also enhance contrast and display the image as black and white negative. For light sensitive users, it may facilitate the otherwise difficult reading of small black text on white background.

A number of functions, including the “Name the color”, has built-in speech voice-over – without requiring the phones voice-over functions.

– The advantage of a tool like this is that you always have it with you. It has been shown that customers with age-related vision problems use Eye Calculus when the light is poor or they have forgotten their reading glasses – says Jon Reveman.

For further information, contact:
Jon Reveman, President RedQube AB Phone: +46 709-48 24 01, email: first.last at

A more detailed description of the application can be found at

Press kit with photos can be downloaded from

RedQube AB is an IT consultancy company specializing on high-tech solutions in software
development. The company’s unique expertise includes scalable performance and Carrier
grade design with solutions that are used daily by more than 1.5 billion people.

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Updated: 15 dicembre 2010 — 14:01

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